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So, What Exactly is an ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report’ (EICR)?

–  Previously called Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR).

An EICR is produced after we have run a number of tests and inspections on your electrical installation to ensure that it is still up to the national safety standards. During our EICR

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assessment, any unsafe and/or overloading circuits or pieces of electrical equipment will be identified.

We also look for any lacks of earthing or bonding conductors, defective electrical work and will bring any electric shock or fire hazards to your attention.

In a household you have to have your water and gas supply earthed and also connected to your consumer unit (fuse board). We will also advise you on how urgent it is to alleviate the problems highlighted in the Electrical Installation Condition Report.

The EICR doesn’t include any repairs to your electrical system highlighted in the report, however, once you have the full report you can then go ahead and plan to have the problems investigated further, or go ahead and budget for the work to be done.

An EICR is also something that you should do before purchasing a new property. By being aware of any problems before moving in, it allows you to negotiate the asking price down instead of having to be burdened with the repair costs after having bought the property.

Why do I need an Electrical Installation Condition Report in Edinburgh?

Unfortunately, electric installations deteriorate as time goes by. It is therefore extremely important that you keep on top of the monitoring and maintenance of your electrical set up.

If there are serious faults in your electrical set up, whether it be at home or in the office, it can literally be deadly.

Our engineers will be able to advise you on when you should schedule your future EICRs to make sure that your electrical installation is always in the best condition. The average time between reports is usually around 5 years, but this depends on the state of your electrical installation to start with.

How is an Electrical Installation Condition Report Carried Out?

To start with all of the electrics undergo a full inspection. After the initial inspection, we will be able to ascertain whether there are any indications of wear and tear or damage to any of the electrical components.

We also check that the fuse board/consumer unit, earthing, sockets, mains supply, light fittings and switches are all installed properly, as well as all the cables that are supplying them (Trunked cables and cables hidden behind walls are not inspected for practical reasons).

If we are alerted to any problems during the report, we will note them and give them a code ranging from 1 to 4. Here’s what each code means:

  • Code 1: Needs immediate attention
  • Code 2: Needs improved
  • Code 3: Needs additional investigation
  • Code 4: Fails to comply with current British Standards (BS7671). Note – this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s dangerous.

Corrective Works

The report will contain any instances of your electrical installation not meeting the current standards. It will also contain a list of any corrective work that is required to be carried out. We can provide you with a free quote to carry out the corrective work that’s required, but of course you are not obliged to have us do the work.

Who should be carrying out the report and corrective work?

You should always make sure you are dealing with fully qualified electricians. A fully qualified electrician in Edinburgh will carry out the report and any subsequent corrective work in accordance with the national safety standard.

The inspection must also meet the ‘IEE Wiring Regulations’ under BS 7671. That’s the technical term for the 850 regulations that are evaluated in the inspection.

Here are just some elements of what the inspection covers:

  • Whether the switch and control gear is suitable.
  • Whether the earthing and bonding is adequate.
  • Condition of sockets, switches and lighting installations.
  • Whether the wiring system is suitable or not.
  • To what degree any damage, wear and tear or deterioration is prevalent.
  • Any changes in purpose of the property that may have led to problems with the wiring.
  • Are suitable notices and identification present?

If you have any questions at all, or would like to speak to one of our specialist electricians in relation to having an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out, then give us a call on 0131 202 9177, or click here to fill out our online contact form.

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Electrical Installation Condition Report
- Previously known as Periodic Inspection Reports.

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At Aspect Electrical, we believe that no matter how large or small the job we carry out may be, it is important to us that our customers have peace of mind that the work we are undertaking is to the highest possible standard.

For that reason, we offer a guarantee of 12 months on all the work our qualified electricians carry out for our customers.

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