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Mains wired smoke alarms in Edinburgh

Being a landlord in Edinburgh carries a lot of responsibilities, and making sure that your smoke alarms and CO alarms are fitted and fully operational can be a daunting task for someone who has no electrical experience.

Obviously as a landlord you have the duty to make sure that your tenants can live in your properties safely, and one of the most important aspects of that is ensuring that you have the correct mains wired smoke alarms and CO alarms installed and fully operational.

There are various regulations and standards regarding what type of alarms you must fit and where you must position them. This can be time consuming and if you haven’t understood the regulations properly, you can end up having to undo all the hard work you’ve already put it.

At Aspect Electrical we have fully qualified electricians who are trained in the risk that is posed from fire and CO poisoning in your home. As trained engineers we are able to ensure that your fire and CO alarms are installed and functioning in a manner that meets the current regulations.

We can give you a free quote for this service, so either contact us via our online contact form or just give us a call on: 0131 202 9177It might just save your life!

Certified Testing

Electrical Installation Condition Report
- Previously known as Periodic Inspection Reports.

PAT Testing
- Portable Appliance Testing.

Landlord Certificates
- Repairs, rennovation and maintenance.


Customer Guarantee

At Aspect Electrical, we believe that no matter how large or small the job we carry out may be, it is important to us that our customers have peace of mind that the work we are undertaking is to the highest possible standard.

For that reason, we offer a guarantee of 12 months on all the work our qualified electricians carry out for our customers.

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